Aakash Chotrani

Hi I am Aakash. I am a Machine Learning Engineer, problem solver and tech enthusiast. I like playing video games and was always fascinated by the AI in games since childhood. I fell in love with algorithms and writing programs that could simulate human actions. This led me to pursue my master’s in computer science at Digipen (school founded by Nintendo’s Co-Founder), where I had the pleasure to take many AI focused courses with amazing instructors. So far I had the pleasure to be part of the DigiPen research department, teaching a Machine learning bootcamp course in University of Washington through iD Tech camps and working at product based company called Crelate Inc. When I am not programming you will usually find me at Gym working out or preparing my next meal. I like to travel, read books, watch standup comedy, search for funny memes and watch game of cricket.


Received Recommendations

Aakash has a sharp mind and a passion for ML. He is hardworking, caring and always learning. During his time with us, Aakash researched several aspects of applying NLP to resume and talent management related problem sets.

Aaron Elder

CEO & Co-Founder, Crelate

I had the pleasure of being Aakash’s instructor at his introductory class at DigiPen Institute of Technology, and later on as his supervisor at DigiPen R&D, where he worked as a part time employee. At DigiPen R&D, Aakash worked on several machine learning and facial recognition related projects, mainly using TensorFlow and Python. He was always up to the challenge, and looked forward to new tasks once his current ones were completed as he expanded his programming skills. Furthermore, he’s sociable and friendly, as he was quick to introduce himself to colleagues and create mutual acquaintances. To conclude, I would like to restate my recommendation for Aakash Chotrani, as I believe he will be a great addition to teams looking for enthusiastic and passionate software engineers.

Antoine Abi Chacra

Lead Software Engineer & Instructor, Digipen Institute of Technology

Aakash Chotrani worked at the iD Tech Coding & Engineering Academy for two weeks in the summer of 2018. In his role, Aakash provided daily instruction with a focus on Machine Learning for students ages 13-18. In addition, he supervised students during mealtimes, activities, and field trips in the area. Aakash demonstrated proficiency in all areas of his role.

Rachel K. Sreebny

Regional Manager, iD Tech Camps

Before working with Aakash all I knew about machine learning was what you saw in movies. He is able to explain complicated concepts in a clear and straightforward manner that helped me to understand what he was working on and just how powerful the new tool was going to be. In addition to his ability to work across teams, he has a strong drive to get things done and to better understand the why of a problem, not just the how to fix it.

Wilson Attebery

Digital Marketer, Crelate Inc

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